Great Lengths

It is a sad fact that by the time a woman turns 50 she can have fifty percent less hair than when she was 30 years old.There are obviously hundreds of thickening shampoos and styling products that can be used to help to give the illusion of thicker hair but for the best results its simple, add more hair!

Surprisingly, the biggest portion of our client base is women between 40 and 80 years old that come to us for enhancements. Usually if you say the phrase "hair extensions" most people will think of young women with waist length hair, which is not a look that a lot of us want as we get older! This is why we have introduced Hair Enhancements, simply put they will enhance your natural hair by giving you back what nature has taken away.

This is a totally bespoke service. Once we meet with you we will discuss your desired look and discuss your lifestyle and styling routines and develop a package exclusively for you. Enhancements will last for between two and for months depending on the rate of your natural hair growth. We will attach the Enhancements to your own hair using an ultrasonic machine this creates a wave or "vibration" action that generates heat within the bond and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to. This added bonding security allows us to mould the bond attachments into "flat" bond formation without compromising the bond "seal" to your hair. This is the safest method and means that you will be able to wear enhancements as an ongoing solution.